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What is indoor climbing? | Who indoor climbs? | What does Crimper's offer?

What is indoor climbing?

The primary focus of indoor climbing is to climb up walls of various difficulty using climbing holds which are set at different angles and heights and distances from each other. Climbing holds have a myriad of different shapes, sizes and colors which give each climb a distinct challenge and appeal.

Indoor climbing combines physical and mental components. Climbing's dual nature provides a well-rounded and engaging activity. Indoor climbing builds physical strength and agility, while increasing mental fortitude and focus.

Crimper's will show you that indoor climbing is exhilarating. It is an extremely fun and different activity for people of all ages, athleticism, and experience. The walls and routes are constructed and set so that you have the power to choose your comfort zone when climbing.

Who indoor climbs?

Indoor climbing is for everyone. Indoor climbing provides opportunities to enhance your personal being, whether you goal is to develop physical strength or increase your mental wellness.

Indoor climbing's huge appeal is that no matter what your climbing level, you can succeed, improve and enjoy yourself. Indoor climbing has an atmosphere of camaraderie where climbers of all abilities and styles interact socially.

Crimper's offers an array of climbing difficulties, from beginner routes to technically-advanced boulder problems.

We invite all to experience the dynamic energy of indoor climbing at Crimper's.

What does Crimper's offer?

Crimper's has several types of climbing styles: a 70 ft. wide and 16 ft. high bouldering area equipped with 16 in. padded flooring; a 23 ft. top-rope section with 7 top-rope stations; and a 30 ft. lead climbing section we termed the Gravity Well.

All of our walls have a variety of angles with hundreds of holds to make your climbing experience diverse and challenging.

Crimper's has a hangboard and campus board training area for sport specific strength building. We have weights, fitness balls, and specialized equipment and mats for general conditioning and antagonistic muscle work outs.

Crimper's offers classes for certification in top-roped and lead climbing. Also, Crimper's offers classes to specifically help the climber learn, practice and improve their climbing skills under the guidance of an experienced instructor. We offer beginner and intermediate level technique classes, and strength building classes, and hangboard work-out sessions. In addition, we offer personal coaching and training.

Crimper's offers an uncommon venue for groups to hold parties and special events such as birthdays and graduation parties, and corporate functions.


Climbing is an inherently dangerous and physically demanding sport. Qualified instruction is required.

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Climbing is inherently dangerous and cannot be made safe. A fall from any height can cause serious injury to you and to others.

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