Top Roping: When the rope runs from the belayer, up to an anchor system at the top of the climb, and then back down to the climber. This is a great place to start climbing, or expand your world from the bouldering wall.

Lead Climbing: When the rope starts at the bottom of the climb and the climber leads the rope up the climb, clipping it to anchor points along the way. This is the most technical climbing, because there are many things to think about while performing it. This is also the type of climbing that can take you around the world and to the best places. You must be an experienced top-rope climber, and be able to comfortably climb 5.10 before taking this class.

Fitness Classes

Climbing is a skill sport, but fitness and strength are the key stone to improvimg your climbing, your flexability and your lifestyle. Crimper's offers Yoga, and Pilates classes weekly. Free for members and cheap for non-members,


Climbing is a complex sport that combines strength, technique and balance. We can help you fine tune your movement whether you are just begining or if you have hit a pleateu.

If you have never climbed but wonder if this might be the sport for you, then our Intro to Gym Climbing can answer that question. Learn about the different types of climbing we offer, learn the different parts of the gym and what they are for, and receive your Bouldering and Auto-Belay Orientations.

Sport Climbing Techniques and Strategies: This class can be a follow up for our Lead Climbing class, or if you are and exprienced lead climber, this class will hep you improve your skills, and become a better climber.


Climbing has inherent dangers and is a physcially demanding sport. Any fall from any height can cause serious injuries. Proper training is required. Climbing equipment must always be used according to manufactures instructions and your safety is your responsibility.

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