What to Expect

Crimper's is a climbing gym. If you want to learn, practice, and train the sport of climbing this is the place for you.

  • Everyone entering Crimper's requires a Visitor Agreement
  • Everyone requires Orientation.
  • You can learn to use auto-belays immediatly
  • You must pass Crimper's Belay test before belaying.
  • You do need a class to learn how to belay, if you have not belayed before
  • We do welcome young climbers and climbing is a great family activity. However Crimper's is not a play ground.
  • Climbing can be lifestyle sport, it can also be a fun time with friends. But climbing is challenging.


Age and Activity limits

  • Minimum Age to climb: 5
  • Minimum Age to Boulder: 10
  • Youth 14 and under require adult supervision
  • One Chaperone is required for every 3 children


Bouldering is un-roped climbing

The challenge is follow one route from the beginning to the finish. There is always a harder route to try. This can require balance, strength, and tactics to find the right body motion.


Auto-belays allow you to climb our taller walls without another person. There is a device at the top of the wall that retracts a laynard as you ascend, and lowers you slowly back to the ground when you are done.

  • You must receive the Crimper's Auto-Belay orientation before participating.
  • You must be 14 or older to attach yourself or others to the auto belay
  • Each climber needs their own harness. Rentals are available.

Roped Climbing

Top Roping/Lead Climbing

Roped climbing requires specific training and equipment for you to be able to control the rope and keep your climbing partner safe.

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