Day Passes

Climb for a day, or as long as your fingers hold up. You can leave and return on the same day.

Item Description Price
Day-Pass 14 and above, good all day. $16.00
Youth Day-Pass 10 to 14, good all day/ Harness only included $14.00
Child Day-Pass 5 to 9 years/ Shoes and harness included $14.00

Punch Pass

Punch-Passes are great if you are coming occasionally, and want to save some money on Day-passes. Punch-Passes do not expire and can be shared, but certain restrictions do apply, talk to our Front Desk staff for details.

Item Description Price
10 Punch Pass $144
5 Punch Pass $72
Child Day-Pass 5 to 9 years/ Shoes and harness included $14.00


We have the equipment you need available for rental. We do require climbing shoes for climbing on our walls.

Item Description Price
Package Shoes and harness $8.00
Shoe Rental climbing shoes are required $5.00
Harness includes auto-belay orientation $5.00
Belay Device must be belay certfied at Crimper's $2.00
sales tax added to all rentals

EFT Membership

This is our best membership style, if you are coming consistently for two months or more. Membership inludes benefits, such as discounts in our shop, one guest-pass per member, and awesome climbing. Memberships can be frozen or terminated any time from this website.

Item Description Price
Single $40 Initation fee and other requirements $60.00/month
Couple Married couples, per person, $40/$35 initiation fee $60/55($115 per month)
Family Married. Living under one roof, one payment. $60/55/50($165 per month)
Additional Family After the first 3 members, each additional $5($170 per month for family of 4)

EFT Memberships require a Credit Card that is kept on file for montly billing.

Pro-rated dues are dues for the remainder of the month on the day you purchase your membership. You are only paying for the days you can use. The initation fee is due immediatly to start your Membership. As long as your membership is maintained you will not have to pay initiation again. If your account is terminated, you must start a new account.


This is great for short-term visitors, or if you just want to try out membership, but you're not ready to commit.

Item Description Price
One Month good for one calendar month $80.00
Couple $150
Family of 3 $210
Additional Family Per 4th member on $5

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