Birthday Parties

All visitors require a properly signed Visitor Agreement. Visitors 17 years of age and younger must be signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian. Click below to visit our print and sign form.

Crimper's birthday parties are an excellent way for children to spend time together engaged in a fun, health and exciting sport. We recommend our parties for those aged 6 years and above. Our Party Staff will tailor the event to your group and everyone will be challenged.

Our experienced instructors will belay, guide and encourage the birthday party climbers from 10 to 11:30 on Saturday or Sundays. No experience is necessary and half an hour in our Party Room for cake fun and festivities is included.

  • Private Party Room
  • Tables, table clothes and chairs
  • We staff to maintain a good instructor to participant ratio
  • All gear is included:shoes, harness, helmet, and chalk.
  • Cost: $200 for up to 10/ Sign up in calendar below.


Climbing has inherent dangers and is a physcially demanding sport. Any fall from any height can cause serious injuries. Proper training is required. Climbing equipment must always be used according to manufactures instructions and your safety is your responsibility.

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