The North Face: Global Climbing Day

Join us to celebrate the walls that unite us, not divide us. Global Climbing Day 8.18.18 Free climbing, gear giveaways & more. The North Face will donate $1 to the Khumbu Climbing Center for every climber who joins us for Global Climbing Day at a participating gym, up to $100,000.

As the North Face says:
Some people build walls, other people climb them. Since 1966, we’ve seen walls not as obstacles but as opportunities. They are a chance to explore what we believe to be possible. They are a vertical proving ground for grit, perseverance, and determination. They taught us to trust, to work together, to create safety in partnership. They are mirrors that reflect the best versions of ourselves. Walls do not divide us, walls bring us together. Walls are meant for climbing.

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Climbing has inherent dangers and is a physcially demanding sport. Any fall from any height can cause serious injuries. Proper training is required. Climbing equipment must always be used according to manufactures instructions and your safety is your responsibility.

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