Kids are welcome at Crimper's to try hard at the sport of climbing. Climbing builds strength, balance, and perseverance.

There just a few things we need you to remember to make your experience the best it can be:

  • Minimum Age to climb: 5
  • Minimum Age to Boulder: 8
  • Climbing can be intimidating or down-right scary
  • Climbing is the best sport in the world


Climbing is an excellent sport for all levels of athletes, or just people looking for a fun activity.

  • Youth 14 and under require adult supervision
  • Minimum age for hooking yourself to the Auto-belay is 14
  • Minimum age to use the training area/Training equipment is 16
  • Some rules for Climbing Team members are different


We are located at 100 Central Ave in Christiansburg VA. From the 460, follow signs for Historic Cambria.

  • Less than 8 miles from Virginia Tech campus
  • 2 hours from the New River Gorge
  • 5 hours to the Red River Gorge
  • 2 hours from Grayson Highlands

Regular Hours

Hours are subject to change based on Holidays and special events.



Every visitor requires a properly signed Visitor Agreement. Climbing has inherent risks and other dangers and is a physcially demanding sport. Any fall from any height can cause serious injuries. Proper training is required. Climbing equipment must always be used according to manufactures instructions and your safety is your responsibility.

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100 Central Ave.
Christiansburg, VA 24073