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Crimper’s instructors teach belaying standards approved by the Climbing Wall Association (CWA). Our instructors are Climbing Wall Instructor Certified by the CWA. We teach climbers to be safe and informed belayers.

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Top-Rope Belaying | Lead Climbing and Belaying | Top-Rope Belaying for Parents


Introduction to Climbing |Beginner Technique | Movement| Lead Climbing Tactics, Techniques and Strategies

Top-Rope Belaying

Top-Rope climbing is when the rope runs from the belayer up to an anchor system at the top of the climb and then back down to the climber. In this class you will learn the skill of belaying a climber on top-rope. You will gain independence and confidence in top-rope belaying because you will not only learn how to belay, but you will learn the reasons behind the techniques you use. Included in this class are climbing gear fit and function, knot craft, safety commands, and belay techniques.

Lead Climbing

Lead climbing in the gym involves a climber leading the rope up the climbing wall and clipping it into fixed quickdraws. A lead belayer has a much more active role than in top-rope belaying because the climber will fall a distance before being caught. This intensive class teaches you both techniques for lead climbing and lead belaying. The class covers rope management, clipping, proper falling, lead belaying, safety, and techniques specific to lead climbing.
We require that you are certified to top-rope belay, and climb 5.10a comfortably. We recommend that you have acquired a lot of top-rope climbing mileage, and that top-rope belaying feels comfortable and second nature.

Tope Rope Belaying for Parents

This top-rope belaying class is designed for parents who want to get their children involved in the sport of indoor climbing. This class will give parents the independence to top-rope belay and give climbing specific guidance and encouragement to their children. The first part of this class will teach parents to top-rope belay. In the second part of this class parents will learn some basic climbing techniques that will give them the knowledge to help their children stay motivated and improve their climbing. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about climbing and participate in an activity that builds trust and respect with your children.

Introduction to Climbing

This introductory class is for those brand new to gym climbing. You will learn about the different types of climbing Crimper’s offers, climbing etiquette, how to start and finish a climb in good form, route/problem solving strategies, the rating systems used in the gym, shoe fit, and the most important technique in climbing – footwork.

Technique for Beginner Climbers

This class is good for beginner climbers with some exposure and experience in climbing. Footwork is the most essential aspect of climbing, so this class will focus on building a foundation in strong footwork. The second focus of this class is on the hands. You will learn hand grips, types of holds and types of hand movements and how to use them all to maximize your climbing. This class finishes with working problems on the bouldering wall.

Movement Technique

Improvement in climbing is contingent upon use of momentum. This class will focus on the elements of climbing that maximize the ability to use momentum. You will learn how to become body aware while climbing so you can focus on your balance, body/core tension, body positioning, foot placement, and movement initiation. The knowledge gained in this class will empower you to become a smarter and stronger climber.

Lead Climbing Tactics, Techniques and Strategies

How roped climbing is approached greatly differs from that of bouldering. Specifically, lead climbing requires the use of very efficient climbing techniques. This class will help you maximize your lead climbing abilities through minimum force climbing. You will learn simple, but not so obvious, details that could make or break a send. This class starts by analyzing the climb before you start climbing, and finishes by analyzing your performance when you are on the ground after climbing.

Crimper's offers private lessons and instruction. $45/hr. Please inquire for further information.

Please see our Calendar for special classes and clinics which include: hangboard workouts, system board training, pull-up routines, V2 circuit training, woman specific climbing, strength training, antagonist muscle training, stretching, and yoga for climbers.


Everyone is required to have a Visitor Agreement. 17 years and younger require PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN to sign. Click here to sign Visitor Agreement (Waiver)


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Climbing is inherently dangerous and cannot be made safe. A fall from any height can cause serious injury to you and to others.

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